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NEW - Laser therapy
Improve the quality of your pet's life! Laser therapy can be used for pain management, wound healing, post surgical healing, rehabilitation, nerve regeneration, inflammatory diseases, acute musculoskeletal trauma, and more.
Preventative medicine
Annual physical examinations, immunizations, diagnostic testing, and puppy and kitten packages.

Internal and general medicine
Endocrinology (thyroid, diabetes, Cushings), immune related diseases, heartworm prevention and treatment, urinary tract problems.

Anesthesia and pain management
Patient monitoring (heart and respiratory rate, temperature, ECG, pulse oximeter, and blood pressure). Inhalant, local and injectable anesthesia, and comprehensive multi-modal pain management.

Routine spay and neuter, declawing, mass removal, laceration repair, general soft tissue surgery, specific orthopedic procedures, puppy tail and dewclaw removals. We have heated ICU cages for anesthesia recovery.

Dental service
Ultrasonic dental procedure includes scaling, polishing, and fluoride application. Tooth extractions, plaque prevention gel application, periodontal disease treatment, and dental vaccine. Anesthesia and monitoring is included.

Complete lab
Complete Blood Counts, blood chemistries, vaccine titers, urinalyses, ear cytologies, parasite screening, canine and feline heartworm testing, bacterial and fungal cultures.

Complete pharmacy
We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos and heartworm preventatives as well as safe and effective flea and tick preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also work with outside pharmacies to compound medications as transdermal gels, flavored liquids, or chews.

Glaucoma screening, Schirmer tear test, fluorescein eye stain, eyelid surgery, medical and surgical treatment of corneal ulcers.

Geriatric screenning
Laboratory profiles targeted specifically for aging and older pets.

ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

Vaginal cytology, ovulation timing, artificial insemination, cesarean birth, and pre-and post-natal exams of mother and kittens or puppies.

Digital Radiology (X-rays)
Standard thoracic and abdominal views, dye studies, and OFA certification radiographs.

Daily and overnight care, including fluid therapy, nursing care and TLC; ICU heated cages, oxygen cages and dedicated technical staff that can provide specific after-hours treatment and care.

Inhalant and food allergy blood testing and treatment options, skin biopsies, fungal and ear cultures, skin scrapings, topical therapy.

Nutritional counseling and prescription diets
We carry a full line of prescription foods by Hills, Purina, Royal Canin, and Iams.

Behavioral counseling
We can offer suggestions for common behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, house-soiling, and introduction to new pets/people. When needed, we can prescribe behavioral medications for phobias and anxieties. For aggression or other complicated issues we offer referrals to local trainers or veterinary behavior specialists.

Medicated baths and dips
Our trained staff can bathe your dog (which includes a brush out and toe nail trim) or provide a medicated shampoo for specific skin problems.

Euthanasia Services
The decision to euthanize is very difficult and emotional. We will guide you to the correct decision when the time comes. Group and private cremation services are available.

Microchip identification and implantation
Our HomeAgain microchip package includes the actual microchip, implantation, a one time activation fee through HomeAgain, and the first year of enrollment of benefits.

Zoonotic Disease Education and Prevention
Education on parasites and diseases transmissible to humans with emphasis on prevention and control. Internal and external parasite prevention. Annual fecal testing is highly recommended for all pets in your household.
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